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The RxEssentials' Spray Bottle

Luxury & Affordability: We aim to use high quality ingredients to bring you, your family, your home, and your business an improved lifestyle. The affordability is arrived at by eliminating wasteful packaging and unnecessary ingredients.

RxE Eco-Spray Bottle Tutorial

Our reusable spray bottles offer an economically & environmentally friendly way to disinfect your space. Propellant-free and non-pressurized, these bottles allow for both nearly continuous and 360° spraying. Using high quality and eco-friendly products adds luxury to your lifestyle and appeal to your space.

RxE Disinfecting Wipes & Eco-Box

Disinfectant wipes made with Isopropyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, distilled water, and scented with essential oils. Earth-friendly and beautiful! The RxE Eco-Box is reusable and will come with cotton wipes. If using to clean, the cotton wipes can be washed, dried and reused with your refills up to 10 times. If used to disinfect, please dispose of the wipes in the trash after use.

The Power of Plants

Certain essential oils, such as those from lavender, orange, lemon, lime, lemongrass, and spruce are known to naturally provide anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. RxEssentials' disinfectant and sanitizer products are made with distilled essential oils, many of which are organic, to provided added protective effects and add a joyful aroma to your space.

Orders, Packaging & Shipping

We make your orders especially for you. Our goal is to to ship your products within 3 business days from purchase. Refill product packaging may vary and is consequence to our diligence of being eco-friendly and affordable.

The RxEssentials' Promise

At RxEssentials, we are driven to provide you and your family with beautiful, high quality, and Earth-friendly products.

I love that I can trust RxEssentials with clean household products.

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I love the Lemon + Lavender scent! 

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Thank you for educating my family on safe household products!

Amy T.

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